Supplied fresh & vacuum packed

Free UK Delivery Over £50

 Supplied fresh & vacuum packed

Free UK Delivery Over £50



We believe in the quality of our meat. We know that our customers value our “Gate to Plate” philosophy. We hand pick our suppliers based on their dedication to transparency and quality. We nurture trust with our farmers so we can guarantee that every product meets our high standards.

We passionately believe in providing our customers with the freshest meat available. That is why all our meat is produced to order.

30 Years of Quality

We’ve been operating out of Grantown on Spey in the Scottish Highlands for over 30 years. As a division of Millers of Speyside, Millers Meat Boxes was developed as an efficient way to deliver our quality meat straight to your doorstep.

Over the years we’ve gained a unique insight into what it takes to deliver incredible quality to the likes of celebrity chefs such as Jamie Oliver and the Roux brothers along with many others.

Native UK Breeds

We specialise in UK native breeds. We know and trust the quality of meat that can be produced locally in Scotland. Our farmers have hundreds of years of collective experience in working with breeds such as the famous Aberdeen Angus and Highland Cattle to deliver an excellent balance of quality, flavour and nutrition.

All our pork comes from High Welfare Scotch Pork, raised by experienced farmers and certified by Quality Meat Scotland alongside our Lamb.


UK Wide Delivery

We currently offer free UK delivery on all orders over £50. We hope to extend this to all orders as soon as possible. Delivering from the Highlands has always been challenging but we’ve got years of experience.

As soon as we process your order,  we then package it in a cool, temperature safe Meat Box and send it out for delivery with our courier.

Our People & Passion

Our team of dedicated specialists make sure that every cut of meat is just right for you. 

Grantown on Spey is a small community of just 2,000 people and we work closely with many local farmers and their families.

Living and working in the heart of the Cairngorm National Park is incredible. There’s nowhere quite like it.