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Quality meat from the North East of Scotland. Traceable “from gate to plate”.

We’ve launched our latest in our line of customisable options for your purchase. For our discerning customers, who know their chuck from their brisket and their Angus from their Luing, we’re letting our customers choose exactly the beef they want at any time.

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Our Breeds


Internationally famous meat, found across the globe’s finest steak houses.
The Angus (or Aberdeen Angus) is world-famous. Its meat can be found in the finest steakhouses and restaurants the world over and traces its origins back over 150 years.

Native to Aberdeenshire and Angus, the breed is most often seen in its recognisable black colour, although it also comes less commonly in a red variety. This difference has led to the distinction, particularly in the US, between Red and Black Angus.

The breed is also known for its resistance to tough weather conditions which are often part and parcel of life in the North of Scotland. The Angus is the number one breed in the red meat industry and continues to prove its worth to consumers everywhere.


A classic breed with superb quality and history.
Reliably dating back to the 16th century the Galloway is, as the name suggests, a native of Galloway in Scotland. As with all our native breed cattle, the Galloway offers, above all else, quality beef.

One of the oldest breeds of cattle in Europe the Belted Galloway is known for its distinctive white central belt. A highly adaptable breed, the ‘Beltie’ is able to thrive in a variety of environments. The meat is comparable in quality to many other breeds but contains barely 2% fat and only 1% saturated fats, lower than most other breeds.

Unusually this breed have developed a double layer of hair to protect themselves from the cold. This unique property means that they are often much lower in fat than many of our other breeds making for exceptionally lean meat.

Highland Cattle

The iconic, native species of Scotland.

The Highland ‘Coo’ has been a recognised brand for Scotland and Scottish Agriculture for decades. You can’t visit a Scottish airport or take a stroll down the Royal Mile in Edinburgh without seeing a cuddly representation of this iconic beast.

Aside from their incredibly recognisable horns and shaggy coat, the Highland Cow is an exceptionally hardy and adaptable breed. Their natural ability to graze effectivly in even the harshest environments, makes them ideally suited to the highlands in which they originated.

Their meat is popular all around the world and, in our opinion, rivals the Aberdeen Angus for its sheer flavour.


Quality meat from a global breed, with it’s roots originating in Scotland.

Tracing its heritage back to the Shorthorn and Highlander breeds, the Luing (‘ling’) is as much an icon of Scottish tradition as the Highland Cow. While less recognisable than its shaggy cousin, the Luing has been a staple in the farming industry for over 60 years.

This incredible beast can be found in herds all across the world. The island after which they are named lies off the west coast of Scotland.

The Luing combines a good selection of all-round attributes that make them a very productive breed. Their good ability to forage, their resistance to the cold and their great breeding performance are just some of their incredible attributes. The Luing continues to provide a much sought after combination of low up-keep and quality meat.


Tender meat, produced from a native UK breed.

The Shorthorn breed originated in the northern UK and soon became an incredibly popular breed for both dairy production and for providing meat to the growing beef industry. Their meat is known for its well-defined marbling and notable tenderness. This breed is also exceptionally productive in organic/sustainable farming systems.

Our suppliers provide us with some of the best animals in the north-east of Scotland and we work closely with accrediting bodies to ensure that all our meat is of the highest quality and from traceable sources.